Heifers for sale


We always have for sale a selection of females from our top lines.

Our policy is to cull out of a heifer crop anything we would not consider retaining in our herd, and then, all the remainder - except for the occasional favourite - is offered for sale off farm.

This year we have the following groups:

  1. Yearling heifers by Jockey and Safran, together with the odd one by Pantin.
  2. 2 year old heifers by Jockey, Safran, Moero and Seigneur (Jersey grandson) that will/could be bulled by either Pantin, Safran or Senateur - our Junior stock bulls.
  3. Calving heifers and young cows by Jockey and Joule, bred to Pantin and Safran for May/June calves.

Herd Health

We are members of the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

The herd also had a clear Herd Test for TB in November 2004.

You are welcome to view these cattle at any time. We charge nothing to look around!!

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